Since Top Four just did podcasts, here are mine:

4. Friendshipping!

Jenn and Trin from Cards Against Humanity cover the intricacies of friendship. Plenty of “Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that” moments.

3. Under The Radar

Two successful iOS app developers talk about developing apps successfully.

2. Rocket

While Rocket covers Apple news it also covers gaming, music (with the occasional mention of Taylor Swift), VR, and they’ll totally get into Microsoft and Android news too. Hosted by Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort, its refreshing to get a different perspective on tech.

1. Scriptnotes

Pulling back the curtain on screen writing and the entire Hollywood system. Even if you aren’t a writer, it is fascinating for anyone who creates things.

0. Mystery Show

The less you know the better.