Somehow, the good folks at PHPLondon have agreed to let me do a talk at PHPUK 12 on Friday 24th Feb (16:00 track 3).

Edit: The slidedeck is now online.

try { Getting People To Come To A Talk On Exceptions }

While I was initalially pleased with a mildly amusing title, I soon realised that it doesn’t really give any indication as to the content of the talk, and I wanted to give a quick preview of what’s in store.
Firstly, I want to say that this isn’t an ‘introduction to Exceptions’ talk, it more a talk about ‘how to start thinking about Exceptions’. It assumes you have a basic grasp of Exceptions and their syntax. If you need a refresher then I would recommend checking out Brandon Savage’s great series on PHP Exceptions to get you up to speed.

I realise that people don’t think handling failure is a cool or sexy topic

Exceptions eh? That sounds really boring

but I hope to convince you otherwise over the course of the 35 minute talk.

Instead of looking at the dry syntax details of Exceptions were are going to answer the 5 biggest questions about Exceptions in turn:

  • What the hell is an Exception, really?
  • When should I throw an Exception?
  • What PHP-specific craziness do I need to know about?
  • Why don’t some folks like Exceptions and what are the alternatives?
  • Are there any best-practises when using Exceptions?

Exceptions eh? That sounds really boring

So come along to see more amusing Zombie-related pictures, oh and find out more about the awesome world of failure handling.