Over a pint of Früli on St Patrick’s Day (0/10 for embracing the Irish theme) I was chatting with Pete about 1) my ridiculous taste in music 2) how to choose music to work to. Upon thinking about it I realised one of those topics would make for a good blog post.

His suggestion was to listen to the same track on repeat. Now, I had never thought of doing that, so I shall try that next week. But my approach is to find music that is at the intersection of interesting and boring. This is, interesting enough that you like listening to it, but boring enough that it doesn’t distract you from coding. Say, that sounds like a perfect excuse for a Venn diagram:

A frivolous venn diagram

So with that in mind, what do I listen to? Here are some suggestions from my playlist:

‘Music For Programming’ compiled by Datassette

The Ronseal of programming music and mixed by a thoroughly awesome chap:

Crack in Time and The Break of Dawn

These are a bunch of guys that record their improvised jam sessions, and yes, they use real instruments. It does have occasional vocals but in this context I don’t mind them. They have released lots of disks, a couple of my favourites that are on Spotify:

or buy online at crackintime.com

Tim Hecker

Obviously. For out and out synthy drone ambient awesomeness this is the guy. I love it, but if I’m feeling tired then I probably wouldn’t choose this. Spotify highlights, although seek these out on disk since Spotify likes to put a half second gap between tracks:

And finally a couple of disks that have made it one to my Spotify ‘Programming’ playlist recently:

The Sight Below

Max Richter

Who have I missed? Tweeterate (portmanteau of tweet and berate) me @edvanbeinum.

Oh right, I have made a few tracks too: edvanbeinum.com/music.