Hard Refresh is an idea I’ve had for a while after having to explain to a client for the umpteenth time how to clear their browser cache.

  • the site detects your OS and browser and then displays clear instructions on how to clear the cache in that browser
  • you can also create links to specific OS and browser combinations if you wan to send them to a client

And I’ve finally got round to making a start on it. And I say a start because there are a few more things I want to add:

  • copy to clipboard button after you have created a link
  • amusing messages when you try and find instructions for, say, Internet Explorer on Linux
  • tidy up the design of the create link form

For those who care about such things, the site uses Kohana, jQuery, SQLite with a liberal sprinkling of Markdown and some of that trendy HTML 5 & CSS 3 gubbins